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bradley headstone - drawn to any world cup disgrace

13/07/10: 31 days later

Blimey! Where did June go? More to the point, how long is 2014 away?
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10/07/10: Hup Holland Hup or Vamos Del Bosque
05/07/10: Not the worst world cup ever
29/06/10: And so it begins...
22/06/10: What is wrong about this passage of commentary?
21/06/10: Under the weather
16/06/10: Bad day at the office
16/06/10: Ho ho ho, those Koreans eh!
10/06/10: apoplectic texters and NOT the best squad since 66...
10/06/10: InGerSpurs

clive whittingham: the world cup on tv

11/07/10: goalfood: probably the best football tv blogs in the world... Clive Whittingham waxes ever lyrical on the world cup ads...

There is money to be made from those two, perhaps in the form of an iphone app that you can consult whenever you have a decision to make. Should you take that new job? Is it left or right at the lights? Is she really the girl for you? Whatever the question simply ask Wrighty and Kammy and then do exactly the opposite of everything they tell you to do...”
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27/06/10: Will abject England’s World Cup exit lead to a merciful pulling of the ‘James Corden’s World Cup Live’ plug?
22/06/10: “It’s in Africa this World Cup, you know...” – BBC & ITV at pains to make a point...
13/06/10: Chiles & co’s crisp World Cup debut fails to mask ITV’s ineptitude

simon harvey: goalfood's flashing blade pontificates

01/07/10: world cup balls – If it hadn't beed for that pesky Jabulani...

"Had the boys in white gone back to the classroom before the World Cup they might have learned that the laws of physics and a brand new spherical ball were to blame for not only our world cup woes but for every other bend-it-like-Beckham merchant"
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09/06/10: world cup balls – the world’s best ‘keepers get in a flap about the jabulani

nick gordon brown: world cup in motion

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archived blogs

bradley headstone - drawn to any disgrace

bradley casts a withering eye over the game’s disgraces…and when you’ve had bradley’s withering stare, you stay withered…(just ask kevin keegan or alan green)

“As Chelsea close in on a double as the Rooneyless United and Fabregasless Arsenal wilt, we are likely to be treated to the sight of John Terry lifting trophies. Is there any more unedifying sight than his thuggish grin, presumably the same face he pulls when in the heat of congress with whoever’s missus he’s moved on to...”

doing it for the kids: diary of a youth football gaffer

our resident kids’ football expert on life at the grassroots’ coal face (eh?!), looking for the next wayne rooney whilst avoiding dog turds and parental bile…

“Well deserved lads!!!” he bellowed in our ears after they’d re-taken the lead utterly against the run of play. “Show no mercy!!!” he roared after we somehow contrived to hand them a 3-1 lead...”

the big match clive: football on tv

wowed by clive whittngham’s consistently top notch articles on qpr site loft for words, we invited him to write on anything non-w12 for goalfood. when he’s not at a match, he’s watching one on tv, so the subject kind of chose itself…

I suppose we should be grateful for small mercies – the teams did at least make it out of the tunnel. Admittedly only a few feet out of the tunnel, and certainly not onto the pitch, but when you’re playing ‘Clive Tyldesley Man Utd commentary roulette’ you’ll quite often find the game over before the teams have even changed out of their club suits and into their kits….”

club blogs

with our club blogs we aim, as ever, to provide high quality, entertaining writing that offers a unique perspective. we’re not planning comprehensive coverage of every club...but welcome contributions from all (click here to get in touch). all blogs will be updated regularly, and new teams will be added as we go along...

blades blog - sheffield united with simon harvey

“A season which was in danger of petering out, has finally petered out....”

chelsea culture club - chelsea in europe with patrick mhu

“When the draw had come out and we had Internazionale Milan it had a certain inevitability about it because of the Jose connection.  It was also the toughest draw possible so all that stuff about winning your group doesn’t always pay off...”

uRRRs blog - qpr with nick gordon brown

“Oh how Rangers fans guffawed. Not only had we stolen Warnock from the Croydon massive but now they’d had foisted on them a man whose 5 week reign at Loftus Road over the Christmas holidays had been such an unmitigated disaster that ... the team (was) booed off after his only victory...”

black cats blog - sunderland with carol ward

“I haven’t often sat in a hostile home end – it’s much trickier to remain anonymous in smaller grounds – so I felt that we had a fair chance of invisibility in a huge arena which by all accounts didn’t contain too many “ waaankahs”. I simply had to make sure I didn’t create the problem. A friend pointed out I find it hard enough keeping my gob shut for ninety seconds, let alone almost two hours watching the lads . I’m pretty sure there was a sweep amongst my pals to guess the minute I would let out an involuntary “Haway Man!”…”

city blog - manchester city with paul edwards

“To Blackburn, and another Rover’s return. We were rank, out-fought, out-played, out-manoeuvred. 2v0 just about right, until Daniel Sturridge came on and mixed it a bit. A sweet volley, and a well picked pass at the death, which thankfully found Robinho. Had it been Darius Vassell, we would have witnessed a scene reminiscent of Corporal Jones stumbling across an entire panzer division…”

'orns blog - watford with BHappy

goalfood is delighted that the good folk at bhappy have agreed to let us have a permanent link to their most excellent ‘orns blog.