the goalfood interview: peter drury - part 2 - november 2010

Following on from last season’s popular goalfood blog ‘diary of a youth gaffer’, part two of our interview with ITV commentator Peter Drury reveals that Sunday mornings find our man at what we here at goalfood hq like to call the (ahem) ‘grassroots coalface’...

“...that gives me a great deal of satisfaction, just as it does to see one of my team’s boys who turned up for training two or three years ago hiding behind his mum’s skirt. He was a bit tearful and reluctant to join in but now I see him running round like a tiger and I think to myself if I had something to do with that and his increase in self-esteem and confidence, then that’ll do for me. I love that...”
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the goalfood interview: peter drury - june 2010

as he prepares for his fourth world cup with itv, peter drury took time out to speak exclusively with goalfood
“I try to remember as a commentator, that nobody, apart from perhaps your mum, is turning on for you. They are turning on for the game and you can only spoil that game. I suppose that’s not true, you may also enhance it, of course, but if you start to believe people are turning on for you then you’re on dangerous territory because it ain’t about you... “
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the goalfood interview: dave lewis (director of big ron manager) - january 2010

In this exclusive interview, Jack Gordon Brown talks to Dave Lewis, director of football’s first reality TV venture, the now infamous ‘Big Ron Manager’...

“We had several people in mind for the mentor’s role but decided to go with Ron Atkinson because of his football pedigree - which gave credibility -  and his larger-than-life personality - which obviously made him a good  candidate to front the show. The ITV incident probably acted as more of a hindrance early on, when we were looking for a club to feature, because of the potential negative publicity that the association might have brought.
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the goalfood interview: sean o’driscoll (doncaster rovers) - june 2009

we spent a fascinating couple of hours with the donny gaffer shortly after the season ended. maybe he was in holiday mode with a week in greece booked for a couple of days’ hence, but the quiet man happily opened up on numerous subjects, and gave us a great insight into life as a real championship manager...
“Football rhetoric gets up my nose. People say ‘I don’t care how we do it, I just want to win’. That’s fine, I’ll take 46 games winning 1-0 and playing crap but tell me how you do it. I can’t remember any games this season where we’ve played badly and won 1-0. We want to play well and I’d rather we win but if we’re going to lose I’d rather we play well doing it.”
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the big match revisited part two: simon moore interview - may 2009

following on from last month’s focus on itv4’s cult show the big match revisited, simon harvey interviews programme producer (and son of the great brian), simon moore
“it looks to me like Gerald Sinstadt is in some sort of open air Portakabin in one programme because he’s sitting there in a great big chunky skiing jacket and you can see the breath coming out of his mouth when he’s doing the links. I can only assume they had a little Portakabin without windows which they used to take round the grounds…”
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the goalfood interview: martin fisher - june 2008

I thought this was finally my big chance to make an impression on the great man, and it started promisingly when I said “Mr. Clough”, and he responded with “call me Brian”. However, that was about as good as it got, as he spent most of the time trying to throw a hat onto a coat stand like Reggie Perrin...”
the motd & setanta commentator talks goals, gaffes & gantries...
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the goalfood interview: duncan hamilton - june 2008

“I once waited nine hours in the corridor outside his room for an interview. I used to sit in one of the mfi office chairs outside his room. the club later offered to give me the chair because I’d spent more time in it than any other chair in my life.”
the winner of the william hill sports book of the year talks cloughie with goalfood’s simon harvey
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